The Case against

Evesham Rd Rail Crossing
traffic disruption, school child safety
Loss of pathways to high school/college/ residents, retirement homes
Tourist traffic to Shottery, closure of cycle path, increased pollution.
Noise, potential new houses Bordon Hill

Rail Route through residential areas
Rail route next to expanded College with student accommodation
Retirement flats next to route.

The 6 mile route could be serviced by a bus to determine demand.
To travel this route.

Current rail links to Oxford & London are adequate & not operating to
full capacity.

Ann Hathaways Cottage – road & footpaths disrupted for tourist traffic.

Long Marston new town – The rail link would encourage further
development of this site which, would create further road traffic
through Stratford.

Rail Freight – The train operators letters (see link in Proposal)
Make it clear that high volume freight is a key objective.

Green Way loss of Leisure area.