‘No Avonline Group’ are concerned Stratford residents who oppose the proposal to re-instate a train line from Stratford upon Avon station to Honeybourne because of the negative impact for local people.

Town Core Strategy to  be published soon



News –

Town Core Strategy is due to  be published in December.

The document may clarify the Councils view on the rail link.

The Greenway lost forever!



The Greenway could become a railway track, you could lose one of the few leisure areas in the town as we know it.

No more quiet country walks or running

No more safe cycling with family & friends

No more walks with the dog

No more coffee & cakes at the Carriage cafe

Freight trains rumble through the night!



Once the rail line is in place, trains could run at any time of day /night for passengers & freight.

The route from Stratford station is past the College, down the ‘Millenium path’ behind Albany rd, Evesham place, over Evesham Road & down Seven Meadows Road to the ‘Greenway’.

Stratford College – noise impact for students
Retirement flats    - Noise impact, no quiet retirement
Albany Road & Evesham Place, St Andrews Crescent– noise impact
Evesham Road – Rail line Crossing, traffic delays, school children safety.
Seven Meadows Road – A road & rail track, how can it work?
Path to Ann Hathaways Cottage – will this close?