The Proposal

Stratford - Honeybourne Link

Many Stratford residents have a view that the reinstatement of the Avon rail line could never happen. However, there are a determined group of supporters who have been dedicating time, effort and money into moving this project forward. There are also local developers with a vested interest in making this line a reality". You may think this is a bit strong, but I think aspiration could add to the "never going to happen" debate

Re-opening of the Stratford-upon-Avon to Long Marston route as a six mile single line link between the Cotswolds and West Midlands rail network is an aspiration of some local support groups.
The advocates of reopening suggest that the scheme would enable a new direct Oxford-Moreton-Stratford service as well as local trains for Long Marston and Honeybourne.

The rail link is advocated by its proponents to boost tourist flows and to provide new rail journey opportunities for both passengers & freight through Stratford, which could of course support the growth of Long Marston into a town.

A business case to demonstrate the viability of re-opening the line is being produced at a cost of approx £70,000 jointly funded by Stratford District Council, Bird Group, various rail companies & other interested parties.

A feasibility study of the above proposal is currently being undertaken on behalf of a steering group led by Stratford District Council.
The County Council is not a member of the study steering group, although it will be consulted as the highway/transportation authority for its views.

The proposal is included in The draft Local Development Framework currently being prepared by Stratford District Council, despite there being no vote or approval by the council or local people.

For more detail on the proposal, read these 3 documents (click on links) which will illustrate how far advanced & serious this threat is.

JMP Consultants report for Shakespeare Line Promotion Group (Sept 2010)

Correspondence relating to the line & the threat of significant freight traffic

Avon Rail Link tender Document